Karachi food is best in pakistan
Karachi food is best in pakistan

Folks on Twitter are at it again. They’ve triggered the ancient and unsolvable debate of who does biryani better, Karachi or Lahore. When Twitter user Usama Khawar posted about his preference for Karachi food — specifically biryani — as a Lahori himself, quite a few people were left scandalised.

“As a Lahori I’m ashamed to admit Karachi is Mecca of food in Pakistan,” he wrote. “Lahore doesn’t have anything on Karachi. An ordinary biryani at [the] Sindh High Court cafeteria is better than [the] best biryanis of Lahore, except perhaps Waqas Biryani — some say Waqas’s is not a biryani,” he wrote on Twitter.

He acknowledged that the idea was hard to digest but Khawar stood his ground. “Difficult to accept that Lahori food is inferior! Please don’t rub it in my face!” he pleaded.

It wasn’t long before people poured in with their passionate points of view. There were quite a few who supported Khawar’s assertions.

But not everyone agreed with Khawar’s claims.

Then there was the party who took a more intellectual approach to the matter. “Biryani is better in Karachi”, a participating debater replied. “Maybe a couple of other dishes. But overall Lahore has better food.”

This was enough to open the floodgates and the debate spread to other food items as well. Enter Nihari. Karachi might do biryani better but there’s no beating Lahore’s nihari, in their opinion.

As the debate went on, other cities started to feel a little left out. Folks from Peshawar threw their hats in the ring as well.

Then there was one city that absolutely no one favoured when it comes to food. Even the city’s own folks couldn’t put up a fight. Our heart goes out to the food scene in Islamabad.

The conversion currently ongoing on Twitter has us pretty entertained but we’ve got to side with Khawar on this one. There is nothing like a steaming plate of biryani to make your day and that biryani can only be had in Karachi.

In your opinion which city has the best food? Please share with us in below comments 

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