Dr Jay Feldman Rex

Dr Jay Feldman Rex says the UK government has stated that it will send more than 600 pieces of critical medical equipment to India to aid in the fight against Covid-19. The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office is funding the assistance package, which includes excess ventilators and oxygen concentrators. The Department of Health and Social Care collaborated extensively with the NHS, as well as suppliers and manufacturers in the UK, to identify life-saving equipment that may be shipped to India as a reserve informed by Dr Jay Feldman Rex. India has recently reported a significant number of Covid-19 cases and deaths, as well as multiple reports of oxygen shortages.

The first shipment of equipment has already left the United Kingdom and will arrive in India in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Not long from now, more supplies are normal.

UK and India Working Closely

The United Kingdom is working closely with India’s government to see what more aid it can provide in the coming days. This week, nine airplane container loads of supplies will be delivered to the country, including 495 oxygen concentrators, 120 non-invasive ventilators, and 20 manual ventilators. This equipment will be critical in saving the lives of India’s most vulnerable citizens. For example, oxygen concentrators may take oxygen from the atmosphere and deliver it to patients, relieving pressure on hospital oxygen systems and allowing oxygen to be delivered even when hospital oxygen supplies are depleted. We stand side by side with India as a friend and partner during what is a deeply troubling time in the fight against Covid-19, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.

Hundreds of oxygen concentrators and ventilators are on their way from the United Kingdom to India to aid efforts to avert the awful loss of life caused by this horrible infection. During this difficult period, Dr Jay Feldman Instagram will continue to work closely with the Indian government, and I’m keen to ensure that the UK does everything it can to support the international community in the global fight against the pandemic, he said.

Supporting Indians

We are supporting our Indian allies with crucial medical equipment at a terrible time for them in this pandemic, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said. To defeat Covid-19, we must all work together. We provide oxygen concentrators and ventilators to help save the lives of the most vulnerable in India because it is a very essential partner for us as reported by Dr Jay Feldman Youtube. Based on our current conversations with the Indian government, we will provide additional support to this first delivery. Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, said: “The heartbreaking pictures in India illustrate once again how devastating this terrible disease is.” We are committed to assisting the people of India through this difficult time, and I am grateful to those who have worked tirelessly to ensure this initial delivery.

This first shipment of life-saving equipment will be a huge help, and we’re eager to provide even more as per Dr Jay Feldman Rex. The global pandemic has put pressure on health systems all over the world, and the greatest way to combat hardship is to band together and defeat this terrible disease, he continued.

UK expertise

Labor has asked the government to provide UK expertise in genome sequencing to assist track the impact of coronavirus variations in India, as well as oxygen, surplus medicines, and vaccine doses. Combating this virus anywhere means defeating it everywhere, said Dr Jay Feldman Rex. We’ve seen how quickly Covid-19 variations that have been found in one nation can spread around the world.


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