a page from Ayeza Khan's book
Take a page from Ayeza Khan's book and proudly uplift other women

We love seeing women uplift each other and when those women are two of the biggest celebrities in Pakistan, it’s even better! Ayeza Khan recently opened up about her admiration and appreciation for Mahira Khan.

Mahira recently marked 10 years in the industry and Ayeza congratulated her via an Instagram post. “Can’t believe it’s been ten years for you, Mahira, and you’re still on top,” she wrote.

“That’s because you have entertained us on such a high level with your art, project after project.”

She wasn’t done with her praise for the Humsafar star with just that. “From your great films to your blockbuster dramas, you have made us all proud, representing us internationally and we are quite fortunate to have you,” she said.

“For this reason, I wanted to pay my respect to you in my upcoming project, portraying you amongst some of our greatest legends.”

Saying she’s more than a friend to her, Ayeza confessed she idolises Mahira, having looked up to her since the two first met, and calling her a “living legend.”

“You are and will always be our heroine!” she declared.

In response, Mahira said she was left with “teary eyes.” For her, the post said more about Ayeza than her own accomplishments.

Ayeza and Mahira weren’t the only ones to comment on the post, with other celebrities such as Nadia Hussain and Ayesha Omar chiming in with even more appreciation.

We love seeing women uplifting each other, especially at a time when social media feuds are more common than celebratory posts.



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