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The Rev. George William Rutler speaks in 2019. Video screengrab

Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons God has given us. Prayer is one of the foremost misunderstood components of human expertise. However, it is meant to be one of the top exciting aspects of a lifetime of religion. It’s not merely an activity, a ritual or an obligation. As per Father George Rutler it’s communications that touch our heart and connect with God. It’s the expression of a person’s relationship with God and participation in his functions. Sure, folks have lost their religion altogether thanks to unreciprocated Prayer. Some have turned to philosophy or cults to search out answers to life queries and issues. Others have turned to horoscopes, psychic hotlines, and black art. The non-secular and emotional pain of unreciprocated Prayer will be deep and devastating.

When a spirit is crushed and feels devastated, Prayer is the most effective tool to connect with God to share all the worries. In Christianity, Prayer is one of the essential Holy acts foremost. It’s an activity which anyone can do in any place at any time.


According to Father George Rutler on the Bible, Prayer may well be worship with all the human spirit’s attitudes in its approach to God. This highest human nature activity can also be thought of as communion with God, farewell as due stress is organized upon divine initiative. Someone prays as a result of God has already touched the spirit. The biblical college of thought of Prayer emphasizes God’s character, the necessity of a man’s covenant relationship with him, and getting entirely into all the privileges and obligations of that relationship with God. You cannot understand the person without spending time with him. Prayer can create that bridge of connection, which provides a chance to spend time with God. You feel close to God when this relationship develops with Him.


Sometimes we forget simply that how powerful Prayer is. It brings light to our life and eliminates all the darkness around us. When we pray to God, he turns the night of our energy into brightness like a sunny day. We cannot fight against dark evils such as the devil. Still, Prayer is a tool that facilitates to defeat of the devil and his power over people as the evil desires to destroy us, but God brings us close to him and helps us to eliminate the dark forces. Our tool to win the battle of darkness is Prayer. Prayer offers the strength and trust to win the race, said Father George Rutler.


We as humans often suppose that Prayer is the element of changing God. It is merely not possible. Prayer is the tool that changes our attitude. Once we share time with God, he uses to alter our hearts to be close or like him. The longer we tend to share time with him, we feel a positive impact on our attitude: payers changes and amended our habits and lifestyles. However, we have to make efforts not to live an egotistical life, yet one centred on others with a pure and sincere heart. A prayer to God changes our attitude completely and removes all the evils such as ego, anger and greed.


Protection is a basic need of every human, but when we have to protect ourselves from evils, we have to pray. We also used to pray for those whom we like or our family members. Prayer helps us protect from evils as when we pray to God and ask for help, then he shows mercy on us and, with his blessing, defend us so we can say that prayers build the relation of protection among man and God.


One of the only necessary elements of Prayer in our life is that innovation. Typically, when every person faces any dangerous circumstances and has nothing to do, he feels deficient and harmful. It’s the time to pray to God so that he shows the right path and guides us in the right direction so that our life completely changes like a breakthrough. Abstinence and praying are the two most are potent tools. A person with a sign of a message from God and pray hard to get that message for his guidance which takes time, and waiting should be painful during the Prayer, but when the person receives the message, his whole life changes and becomes so happy. During waiting for a message, a person can sing songs and browse the Bible so that all such actions bring a person nearer to Him.


If a person observed the life of Jesus, he looks that he used to pray for others and his own. It is essential to know that how he prayers each day and share time with his Father. Jesus gives importance to the prayers, which we can see from his life and his connection with Father. Payers tell him the desire of God and also direct him on the right way. Prayers build a relation between God and man, which is the goal to be more like Jesus.

Prayer reveals the wisdom of God.

The payer is a two-sided conversation in which the person sends a message to ask about the right direction, and God answers by telling him the right way. When a person prays to God, then he reveals the rain of his wisdom on the person. To know more about him please click here.

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