Lesin Vodka

While the battle may rage on over who (America or Britain) created the first cocktail, LeSin Vodka has decided to dedicate its focus on perfecting the art of creating the sexiest cocktails on the planet.

LeSin Vodka is an ultra-premium vodka distilled and bottled in Cognac France.  Using deluxe winter wheat and Gensac spring water, LeSin Vodka is the epitome of all that is sexy and elegant.  Simply put, the Art of a Seductive vodka cocktail requires you to use a vodka that is elegant and refined on its own, so that when combined with other artisan ingredients, the resulting cocktail is pure bliss to the senses.

LeSin Vodka takes the sensory element of a Seductive cocktail to new heights.  Not only is the vodka in the bottle seductively smooth and mild (while still keeping the 80 proof designation), the seductive experience begins from the moment you lay eyes on the bottle.

It has three main features with its bottling/packaging that starts the process of seducing your experience:

  • Our bottle is produced with a subtle hour-glass figure and is simple yet refined.
  • Our label is silk fabric based and the texture invites touch.
  • The overall mission with our packaging style was to be elegantly simple and subtle, while still being able to stand out in a crowd.
Think of LeSin’s bottle and label as a classy man or woman walking into a lounge.  He or She is perfectly dressed and looking classy.    The packaging is not loud or boisterous, rather, it is humble, confident and classy.

So begins the Seduction journey.   You like what you see and when you are pleased and attracted to something you naturally have an interest in wanting to know more.

For LeSin Vodka, this is where the introduction takes off.  Lesin Vodka perfectly compliments the two worlds of vodka and packaging in the pursuit of sexiness.  For us, it has always been about putting out a vodka and brand that is 100% authentic from the bottle thru the next weekend.  A spirit that takes the party up a notch and celebrates on your terms.

LeSin Vodka seduces you into the world of Living LeSinfully – which is to move with passion and achieve with confidence.

As black is a signature color for LeSin Vodka, so goes our theme for our Seduction Cocktails:  The Dark Side.

The Dark Side features 1 ½ oz of LeSin Vodka

½ oz Jasmine liqueur

2 oz Coconut banana foster fresh brew tea

¼ oz Freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 oz Home made honey rose activated charcoal mix

Coconut basil sake foam

Caramelized spice fig bitters (for the top)

Rose petal(s) for the garnish



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