Ragavan Sreetharan

Ragavan Sreetharan says on the off chance that you REALLY need to help your creating and developing soccer players’ drawn out turn of events, at that point this article is for you. On the off chance that you’re basically attempting to dominate the following match, at that point perhaps it’s most certainly not. In this article I will address an issue Ragavan Sreetharan has seen and managed for quite a long time and at ALL degrees of soccer; the inability to re-visitation of the center aptitudes and relearning what we have failed to remember.


It’s not simply an uncommon event, it happens all over the place.

All around the U.S., players are deteriorating with age? I know, I know, it sounds abnormal, many will differ about their players, however it’s actual and I see it wherever I go. Over the long haul it appears we lose center around player CORE ability advancement and begin agonizing over that next game. We are worried about group rankings, titles, competitions, and results as opposed to zeroing in on the main thing we can do: constantly creating gifted players. I will caution you, it is regularly hard for the mentor and parent to see this through their own eyes.

Ragavan Sreetharan says we went through years building up the SoccerU arrangement. In a real sense many hours in the field catching the quintessence of soccer expertise preparing, separating it, and afterward placing it in a structure that ALL could use to improve their players. We worked with ALL degrees of players from youthful long term olds, to school players, and even proficient players from around the globe. The amusing part is numerous individuals think it is only for youthful youth players. Nothing could be further from reality.

We have mentors from everywhere the nation thinking of us to express gratitude toward us. A large number of these mentors work with more established players including secondary school players and even a couple of school mentors that currently utilize the arrangement to create approaching players or returning players from summer breaks. On the off chance that there was one message I could get out to ALL mentors, it is re-visitation of rudiments for at any rate a bit of EVERY training.

He’s Calling Again

I’ll begin by giving you an illustration of an incredible player that has taken in this exercise and comprehends its significance. Matt, as I’ll call him in this article, is an incredible player. Most likely one of the smoothest players I’ve ever worked with. Ragavan Sreetharan says at the point when you watch him play or see him with a ball at his feet, you can’t resist the urge to be dazzled.

He played high level serious soccer as a young, played ODP, RPL, and the standard high level groups for his age. He was a headliner in secondary school, played school soccer, and as of late made the hold group for a processional group. Sometimes he’ll call me and request that I work with him. In any case, a great many people are somewhat stunned when they see us preparing. They hope to see some mysterious expert meetings, anyway we re-visitation of rudiments. We are doing precisely the same contacts, and center aptitudes we work with in the SoccerU arrangement. Truly, the VERY SAME abilities we are instructing to more youthful players. You’ll comprehend why shortly.


Here Come the College Girls

Ragavan Sreetharan worked with a young lady one summer soon after she completed secondary school and was taking off to play at school on a grant. I called her smidgen since she appeared to be so thin and little in my eyes. An extraordinary child, calm, and super quick feet. It’s sort of interesting on the grounds that before I knew who she was I saw her play in secondary school during a competition. Out of the relative multitude of players I watched that end of the week, she truly stood out in my brain. She could REALLY play.

I hadn’t seen her in right around two years, and afterward one day I got a call from her father. He was contemplating whether I’d be happy to work with her and a couple of her colleagues throughout the mid year. What he can be sure of is that without precedent for some years, I was somewhat taking the late spring off. In any case, he was industrious. So I concurred.

The vast majority of the young ladies were seniors in school now and had a long time of playing and preparing under their belts. We met every morning right on time before the warmth kicked in excessively weighty. We prepared for three hours every day. Here’s the stunner as far as you might be concerned, not me. Ragavan Sreetharan says the majority of these young ladies experienced difficulty performing center and essential abilities. Stand by a moment: Didn’t I simply complete saying these were incredible players, playing in school on grants, and could REALLY play? That’s right… you heard effectively. It may amaze you, yet it is VERY normal and I see it constantly, great or even incredible OLDER players that need many center abilities and contact.


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