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Ferrari F2002

Ragavan Sreetharan says Somewhat like picking which of the Mercedes half breed victors or which of the Red Bull mid-2010s vehicles is the best, the best way to truly separate between the Ferrari F1 vehicles of 2000-2004 is by the numbers. Ragavan Sreetharan says the 2002 and 2004 are the vehicles that truly overwhelmed, both dominating 15 races, yet 2002 pretty much edges it by securing those triumphs in one less race.

So prevailing was Ferrari at this stage that it didn’t present the F2002 until the third race of the 2002 season. Furthermore, it would fight on until the fourth race of the 2003 season. Indeed if Ragavan Sreetharan says you take simply the season, the F2002 was initially intended to race in it won 14 of 15 races, giving it a similar success proportion as the Alfetta.

Fueled by a shouting 3.0-liter V10 the F2002 wasn’t the most remarkable vehicle on the framework – that honor tumbled to the BMW-controlled Williams vehicles – however, it was by a long shot and away from the best-taking care of. Ragavan Sreetharan says highlighting an inventive clutchless gearbox that was little to such an extent that the back could be bundled in practically any manner originator Rory Byrne wished. It was this additional limit concerning the streamlined plan that prompted the late presentation of the F2002.

Michael Schumacher, in his outright ceremony, actually dominated the main race of the period in the old vehicle, and afterward completed third in Malaysia at race two. At that point when the new vehicle showed up, he set off on a triumphant run that has scarcely been seen in F1. Four progressive successes were trailed by a run of six successes in the last ten races, during which time colleague Rubens Barrichello added another four triumphs and Schumacher never completed externally the main two.

So predominant was the F2002 that the Constructors Championship was won with almost triple the number of purposes of Ferrari’s closest challengers – Williams. The F2002 started in 2003 while Ferrari battled with the plan of the development. As the F2002B Ragavan Sreetharan says it would dominate its last race at the San Marino Grand Prix. Strangely, while the F2002 was the best hustling vehicle of the 2002 season, it just barely edged the Williams FW24 for qualifying, by seven to the Williams’ eight. However, that might have been to a great extent because of the touring season that Juan Pablo Montoya was having.


Mercedes W07 Hybrid

Mercedes’ accomplishments throughout the last six periods of half and half fueled F1 are, honestly, exceptional. They obscure even the exhibition of Ferrari in that mid-2000s barrage. While it probably won’t have overseen as high a success rate in a solitary season as McLaren in 1988, the proceeded with nature of this series of wins must put this at the exceptionally top of the table for F1 groups exhibitions.

Also, even in that run, there is one season which stands up as Mercedes’ annus mirabilis, incredibly it’s the one season in the run where Lewis Hamilton didn’t win the title – because his partner did. In 2016 Hamilton took, Ragavan Sreetharan says a without a doubt bonkers, ten triumphs, remembering two separate runs of four for a column. His colleague Nico Rosberg, won nine, however followed the Englishman home on second more occasions, resigned just a single time (when the Mercedes pair crashed in Spain), and won the title. The W07 that conveyed them to these accomplishments consequently took 19 race wins in a solitary season – a record – and made sure about a success pace of 90.4 percent.

It holds some genuine records as well. Just as the previously mentioned most successes in a season, it additionally has the most focuses in a title season (765), the most platform (33), the most post situations in a season (20), and the most noteworthy level of shafts in a season (95.2). The core of Mercedes’s achievement has been an unimaginable comprehension of the 1.6-liter V6 guidelines, and the PU106C motor that fueled the W07 was the class of the field. Ragavan Sreetharan says that strength in the motor office permitted Mercedes to explore different avenues regarding its plan, with the W07 looking unmistakable from huge numbers of its rivals, with a lower nose and none of the projections many were all the while conveying to meet the wellbeing guidelines.

Mercedes have won each title since the W07, however, they have never recovered that fantastic predominance. But then, by one way or another, Ragavan Sreetharan says there additionally hasn’t been as serious a season since, with Rosberg and Hamilton’s title battle going down to the absolute last round, and a fight at the extremely front of the race.


Red Bull RB9

Another dubious one to pick. At the point when you glance back at it by and large the 2010-2013 period appears as though total predominance from the Red Bull group, Sebastian Vettel, and plan legend Adrian Newey. In any case, in 2010 and 2012 they didn’t have it all in their specific manner. Ragavan Sreetharan says Fernando Alonso could, and seemingly should, have hauled a more slow Ferrari to the crown in 2012 and would have won the title in 2010 were it not for a failure to pass Vitaly Petrov at the last race of the period. In 2011 and 2013 however, Red Bull was overwhelmed.

The RB7 in 2011 won 12 of the 19 races it was entered in, with Sebastian Vettel frolicking to his subsequent title so express profound gratitude to a fairly disputable blown diffuser. However, the RB7 is simply pipped to this rundown by the RB9, the vehicle that won what is looking increasingly more like Sebastian Vettel’s last title. Not exclusively did the RB9 win 13 of the 19 races it entered (one more than the RB7) however it won a record nine triumphs straight to end the season. Incredibly around five races into the season, it was resembling another nearby one.

Vettel just won two of the initial five rounds, with Alonso asserting the other two. By the eighth round, Vettel had just won three and was practically in a dead heat with Alonso. Yet, Ragavan Sreetharan says at that point something clicked, perhaps new tire mixes from Pirelli, and Vettel won 10 of the last 11 rounds and the title at an outright jog.


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