Talal Chaudhry leaves the hospital in rush without recording his statement to the police

Talal Chaudhry leaves the hospital in rush without recording his statement to the police.

A reality discovering panel headed by a senior police officer of Punjab, Abdul Khaliq has visited National Hospital in Lahore.

Recording the statement of PML-N pioneer Talal Chaudhry after he whipped by lady MNA’s siblings for supposedly harassing her.

The police arrive at National Hospital in Lahore for recording the statement.

However, locate an unfilled hospital room as Talal Chaudhry effectively left the hospital in a rush without paying the bill.

The assistant superintendent of police Abdul Khaliq said the staff of the hospital told to police that Chaudhry had been released an hour sooner.

The ASP said they will reach him at the earliest opportunity and record his statement.

On Sunday, the police additionally visit the living residence of MNA Ayesha Rajab Ali in Faisalabad to harassment charges leveled against Talal Chaudhry by her.

The four-part actuality discovers the board of trustees with People’s Colony cop Abdul Khaliq while different individuals incorporate the Station House Officer (SHO) of Madina Town

Police headquarters where the scene happened and the SHO Women Police Farah Batool is additionally its piece.

Sources in the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) said That

Talal Chaudhry leaves the hospital and had to continue injuries to the head and back.

Ayesha Rajab had asserted recently that Talal Chaudhry harassed her to which Rajab’s siblings attacked Chaudhry and broke his arm.


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