ISLAMABAD: It was his third day as the  Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Lahore trades happened between Umar Sheik and Safdar because of a Call between Top Cop and Safdar.

Fears intensified when the Lahore police added psychological oppression conditions to an FIR enlisted and Call between Cop and Safdar against Maryam Nawaz and Captain (R) Safdar for a situation identified with conflicts outside the NAB office.

Safdar got a between time bail from an enemy of psychological warfare court and chose to have a straight talk with the Lahore police boss.

For the reason, Call between Top Cop and Safdar he looked for the help of Muhammad Sajjad, his sibling, and sitting MNA from the electorate Safdar used to challenge before exclusion. Nonetheless, before him, Safdar had the option to talk.

“Is CCPO Umar talking? he asked in a voice, what Umar Sheik deciphered as boisterous and discourteous.

Safdar needed to speak with a softer tone before the discussion could push ahead, as indicated by Umar Sheik who advised this to The News when drawn closer for input on this occurrence.

Safdar whined that reports making adjustments that the new CCPO  brought for showing a thing or two to the Sharif family and the official denied this charge.

“You know my name? My name is Umar Sheik. Have you ever known about any Sheik wrecking with somebody? The CCPO cited his discussion that he said he had with Safdar.

“There will be no political exploitation,” he guaranteed him yet what he said next was what is likely going to occur.

Safdar said he move the Supreme Court to challenge his arrangement and the CCPO said he allowed to do that.

Maryam and her mate, Safdar, ensnared in a stone-pelting occurrence that occurs on the day,

Maryam shows up before the National Accountability Bureau at its Lahore office on August 12 Call between Cop and Safdar.

Endeavors are forthcoming to make it a solid body of evidence against the couple.

The First Information Report (FIR) has just been documented by the NAB.

Expansion of psychological oppression statements at the later stage considers the administration’s aim in such a manner.

As indicated by a source, the CCPO had a gathering with SP Investigation (Saddar) late Thursday night to ask about the case,

wherein it was passed on that Maryam Nawaz would be captured.

The CCPO, however, affirmed the holding of the gathering, he denied the feeling that there was any arrangement to target Maryam.

Conversing with The News, Umar Sheik clarified the setting of that gathering.

He said in discussion with him, Safdar had mentioned him (CCPO) to give a crowd of people to his legal advisor, Syed Farhad, for conversation identifying with the case under inquiry.

“The legal advisor came to meet me and returned as my fan,” CCPO stated,

including that Safdar needed his cross-adaptation to add to the FIR under the position he and his mate has taken in their request.

As per the cross-form, the CCPO proceed Maryam’s visit to the NAB office as a piece of connivance.

I was very occupied in day time managing the assault case; thusly, I held a gathering late around evening time, he said.

Hence, The SP Investigation (Saddar) and SHO Chung Police Station brought in for a similar reason, he said.

Asked did he say that he needed to capture Maryam no matter what, the CCPO dissipated the impression.

After my first gathering with the Lahore Police that I held in the wake of expecting the charge, he stated,

A benefit movement recorded by his MNA trouble recounts a similar story.

But, It proceeded onward September 7, a few days after unsavory trades between the CCPO and Safdar.

Routed to the National Assembly speaker, his movement peruses, “I got reports from a few cops and different people about the exploitation crusade dispatcher by the CCPO Lahore Umar Sheik against me and my family.

To explain the issue, I was continually attempting to set up contact with the CCPO Lahore. From the outset, he didn’t go to my calls yet when he did, he began to get rowdy with me.

Decent Speaker, this demonstration of CCPO Lahore penetrated my benefit… … Therefore,

So,I might want to bring up an issue of benefit against CCPO Lahore.”

“I disclosed to him that I have addressed Safdar and his legal counselor would come to me”.

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