Pakistan cautions Afghan Taliban of ‘spoilers’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Tuesday forewarned the Afghan Taliban of “spoilers” who didn’t wish to see the return of harmony in the locale.

The admonition from Islamabad came, in a gathering of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi with a Taliban Political Commission (TPC) appointment on Tuesday.

“During the gathering, sees were trading on the current status of the Afghan harmony measure and the path forward,”

But, a post-meeting proclamation by the Foreign Office said.

During the trade, Qureshi underscored Prime Minister Imran Khan’s steady position that there was no military answer for the contention in Afghanistan and that a political settlement was the main route forward.

“Featuring Pakistan’s positive commitment to the harmony and compromise measure,

Because Finishing in the US-Taliban Peace Agreement in Doha on 29 February 2020,

The unfamiliar pastor underlined that this noteworthy open door must be seize by the Afghan partners to make sure about a comprehensive,

wide-based and extensive arranged political arrangement,” read the announcement.

As indicated by the announcement, the unfamiliar pastor repeated Pakistan’s

“duty to a quiet, steady, joined together, majority rule and prosperous Afghanistan”.

So, He underlined the requirement for the US-Taliban consent to acknowledge completely

“making ready for the soonest conceivable beginning of Intra-Afghan Negotiations”.

But, Qureshi told the assignment that as far as concerns its

“Pakistan will keep on supporting an Afghan-drove and Afghan-claimed harmony measure for tough harmony,

strength and thriving in the locale and past”.

“The unfamiliar priest additionally underscored the requirement for making monetary chances

And, situation helpful for return of Afghan evacuees to their country with poise and honor,” the announcement said.

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