Ahsan Iqbal says PML-N won’t let Pakistan turn into fascist state

Ahsan Iqbal says PML-N won’t let Pakistan turn into fascist state


ISLAMABAD: PML-N Secretary General Ahsan Iqbal says PML-N won’t let Pakistan promise on Wednesday that his gathering won’t let Pakistan transform into a “fundamentalist state” under the clothing of enactment introducing to meet the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) prerequisites.

The PML-N pioneer Ahsan Iqbal says PML-N won’t let Pakistan  came in light of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s explanation

The restriction deliberately didn’t let two FATF-related bills get past the Senate.

But, The PML-N pioneer was tending to media outside the responsibility court where he showed up comparable to the Narowal Sports City reference.

“We won’t let Imran Khan become Pakistan’s Hitler for the sake of FATF,” lashed out the previous inside pastor.

Because He clarified that the restriction heads didn’t crush the FATF bills in the Senate. “We crushed the framework that the administration needed to destroy”.

PML-N serve said that the legislature has just a single plan, which is to complete character death of political adversaries.

Iqbal said that no government official is approaching PM Imran for NRO-like concessions,

including that the executive gave an NRO to the sugar mafia.

He said that previous PTI general secretary Jahangir Tareen — who was referenced in the accursing sugar request commission’s report

So, had been permitting to “escape in obscurity” henceforth it was the legislature that was giving NROs and not the reverse way around.

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