President Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday Turkey won’t down to dangers of authorizations nor to attacks on its asserted region in the Mediterranean Sea, where it is in a deadlock with EU-part Greece over oil and gas investigation rights.

European Union unfamiliar pastors on Friday said Ankara’s activities were adversarial and perilous after a gathering mentioned by Athens.

Pressures between NATO individuals Greece and Turkey have ascended in the previous week after Turkey sent the Oruc Reis review vessel, accompanied by warships, to outline conceivable oil and gas penetrating in an area over which the two nations guarantee ward.

“We will never bow to banditry on our mainland rack. We won’t down against the language of assents and dangers,” Erdogan said in the northeastern city of Rize.

The Oruc Reis, which is among Cyprus and the Greek island of Crete, will proceed with work until August 23, he included. The vessel has been shadowed by Greek frigates and on Wednesday warships from the different sides were associated with a gentle impact.

EU unfamiliar pastors met by means of video gathering on Friday and said Turkey’s maritime developments would prompt an “elevated danger of hazardous occurrences”.

They said a decay in the relationship with Turkey was having extensive key ramifications for the whole European Union, well past the eastern Mediterranean.

Relations among Greece and Turkey have for some time been loaded with pressure. Questions have extended from limits of seaward mainland racks and airspace to the ethnically split island of Cyprus. In 1996 they nearly did battle over responsibility for islets in the Aegean Sea.


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