Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dispensed enormous assets to the Turkish insight to radicalize Indian Muslims with the assistance of ministers enlisted from gave up ISIS frameworks.

As indicated by an Indian security report, Turkey has been supporting ISIS and its subsidiaries in Syria, like what Pakistan has been doing with IS-KP in Afghanistan. Such intermediaries have dispensed with free voices on the ground in Pakistan and Afghanistan, while simultaneously, denying their association.

Indian security authorities are likewise worried over reports that Erdogan, in his endeavors to cut down the Saudi administration of the Islamic world, may discover an accomplice in Pakistan. The ongoing open danger by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi to the Saudi authority was because of Turkey’s push and furthermore the confirmation of money related help to Pakistan.

“Erdogan has been utilizing the strict organizations just as psychological oppression to assist his single point plan of guaranteeing the administration of the Muslim Ummah. Turkey’s strict foundation Diyanet has just made a generous nearness in India through its exercises and now Erdogan plans to abuse ISIS Terrorists to inconvenience India. India will be set up to handle it by receiving proactive measures,” said an authority mindful of these turns of events.

Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs — Diyanet has become a focal Intuition for Erdogan’s plans of turning into the new ‘Caliph’ of the Islamic world. It is for the most part duplicating the working strict framework in Talabini Madrassas. Erdogan has revamped the Diyanet and conveyed a colossal financial plan the establishment, raised compensations and advantages of Imams, and is utilizing them in the mosques as Erdogan’s party agents, in Turkey as well as in far off nations.

Liberal and Gulenist Imams who wouldn’t comply with political requests from Erdogan’s party were killed from the Diyanet as of late. Presently every Imam across Turkey has gotten by and by faithful to Erdogan.

As a feature of utilizing Islam to spread Turkey’s key impact, Erdogan has as of late shaped a Religious Services Directorate. The arrangement of the directorate was declared on August 06, 2020, as an organization which will facilitate and convey orders of the Defense Ministry on strict administrations in the Turkish Army, notwithstanding filling in as a strict guiding help.

The staff of the directorate will be in military position and equivalent to other military officials in the Turkish Army. The staff generally arranges and carries on strict administrations inside powers, however as indicated by the related law, they may get other military obligations too.

Already, the Turkish Armed powers were utilizing proficient imams who were serving their necessary military administrations to run strict administrations in military camps This strict directorate likely fills three fundamental needs for Erdogan’s party. The principal design is to make new position open doors for supportive of Erdogan Imams.

Besides, Erdogan will get the opportunity to control and profile more mainstream high-position military official with the assistance of ‘imam’ military official. The chance of plotting an upset against the Erdogan government has gotten more uncertain. Perhaps, the profiling arrangements of such military officials will be considered for next advancements in the Turkish Army. Third, this is another planned advance for the Erdogan system to move the framework from a common majority rule government to strict republic.


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