PESHAWAR: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday initiated the much-anticipated Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) venture and conceded that his qualms about it have now refuted.

PM Imran alongside KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan introduced the undertaking at Chamkani Depot. Guard Minister Pervez Khattak and other senior authorities were likewise present at the event.

“I had hesitations about the undertaking when it was propelled yet Pervez Khattak had confidence in it. Pervez Khattak was correct I wasn’t right,” said PM Imran Khan at the initiation of the task.

PM Imran likewise announced the Peshwar BRT venture as the “best metro transport venture in Pakistan.”

He said that the task will profit Peshawar as it will prevent the city’s primary supply route from “stifling”, including that it will likewise decrease contamination as vehicles will never again be stranded in rush hour gridlock.

“This is a cutting edge transport framework for Peshawar,” he said. “In the primary period of advancement, it was important to present a cutting edge transport framework.”

He said the admission is reasonable for average folks and understudies.

The chief additionally praised the KP government for the presentation of the crossover transports in the venture which he said will decrease the contamination levels in Peshawar.

‘Third-age innovation framework’

Uncommon Assistant to Chief Minister on Information and Local Government Kamran Bangash told the media on Wednesday that 360 bikes for the two people have been orchestrated, other than transports, on the 27km transport quick travel (BRT) track.

Bangash included that the venture would give help to individuals in the commonplace capital as far as better vehicle. Talking about the subtleties of the venture, Bangash said the ZU-BRT utilizes a third-age innovation framework, which will profit the travelers.

He included choices of lifting and transport administrations will be accommodated extraordinary people too.

“The opening of the BRT course would stop carts without licenses. Transports and carts are in effect likewise eliminated from the streets and Mazda transport drivers and cart drivers, who can work BRT transports, have additionally been coordinated into the administration,” he included.

Bangash included that BRT transports were natural inviting and agreeable.

Rs70 billion BRT venture

The Rs70 billion BRT venture comprises of a 27.5km primary track and 31 stations while the length of the feeder courses is 62km and has 146 stops. The principle track is associated with seven unique regions of the city so the individuals can go from their regions in little transports to arrive at the primary course. Three uber business squares would be finished in June 2021, however the transport stopping territories are prepared.

Official records have evaluated that the underlying assessment for the BRT venture was Rs49.43 billion, in any case, the expense of the reconsidered PC-1 had expanded to Rs66.43 billion, which was additionally expanded to Rs70 billion.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and AFD had given credits adding up to $593 million for the venture, while the rest of the sum was given by the commonplace government.

The evaluated cost of BRT’s polite work (27km track and stations), stops and ITS has expanded from Rs32,863 million to Rs52,446 million.

Consumption on stopping courts and off passageway offices has expanded from Rs95 million to Rs320 million. The bicycle sharing office cost Rs132 million though the ADB’s money related charges, management cost and ad uses have expanded from Rs493 million to Rs1,156 million.


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