Princess Diana considered moving to Pakistan to live with the ‘adoration for her life’ Haznat Khan, an imperial master has guaranteed in new Channel 5 narrative Diana: Her Last Summer, which pretense today around evening time.

Talking about Diana’s last summer before her demise, Eve Pollard asserted the Princess of Wales had discussions with Jemima Goldsmith about existence in the south Asian nation.

Jemima was hitched to Pakistani cricket legend Imran Khan from 1995 to 2004, and lived in Lahore during their multi year marriage.

Jemima has since moved back to London, while her previous spouse has become the nation’s Prime Minster.

‘The possibility that the Princess of Wales would wed and live with the Pakistani specialist was not what we were expecting,’ illustrious master Eve Pollard said on the narrative which show today around evening time on Channel 5.


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