ISLAMABAD: The Microsoft founder-turned-philanthropist Bill Gates has acknowledged Pakistan’s flattened COVID-19 curve.

In an interview with CNN, Bill Gates said the situation of coronavirus in Karachi, Pakistan, but like Europe, they worked hard to brought cases down. Coronavirus cases have witnessed massive decline in Pakistan in recent days after which the Pakistan government has decided to end the lockdown from today (Monday).

In an earlier interview, Bill Gates showed dissatisfaction over the coronavirus testing system in US. Gates said most US tests are “completely garbage” because it takes so long to return results. Coronavirus tests across the US regularly take more than a week to return results, frustrating public health authorities who rely on timely testing data.

The Microsoft founder said he thinks there’s a simple solution: Medical providers should only receive payment for tests if they return results within 48 hours. For years, Gates had warned that the US was unprepared for a massive pandemic. Since the onset of COVID-19, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has heavily funded testing and vaccine research.

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