Becoming an entrepreneur is not easy, you have to wake up every morning with a goal in mind and not be afraid of failing. It will probably take several tries at ideas and companies to make the right one succeed, it will be tough. It is a trial and error process that makes you take risks that will scare you. It will make you ask yourself, “How do I do this?”

Jay Feldman is a perfect guide to help you answer that question and through the steps of kicking off your business idea with brainstorming, strategies, and all the details to start a business from nothing. With 10 years of business experience, six companies with some that have failed and succeeded, and his media knowledge, he has the skills to teach the aspects that come with starting with just an idea.

With all the experience Feldman has and everything he has learned through his journey, he created a podcast “Mentors Collective” to help people that started where he was, get to where he is now. His goal of this podcast was to not only lend a hand but bring together entrepreneurs that can give advice and tell their stories as well. With five-star ratings, Mentors Collective has gained the respect from many and has proven to be something worth listening to.

Starting with an introduction to the podcast and what he wants to accomplish, Feldman lays out the goal of the channel and the value you can get. He explains, “Entrepreneurship runs in my blood and I just couldn’t stay away from it… I am going to walk you through every single step starting from zero.” From there every episode gives more insight on starting a business and giving his advice on what to do. With episodes involving books to read, making your business legal and official, how to choose a business with Tom Worcester, keeping your business alive during tough times, and so much more. These episodes will help with it all.

Mentors Collective is a great way to network and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. If you are someone that is trying to follow the steps of successful entrepreneurs, then listening to this podcast will help you hear other people’s stories and how they failed before their idea came to light. With guests like the celebrity trainer Oscar Smith, performance coach Stephen Claybourn, and more, Feldman wants his listeners to hear their stories and get inspired to do the same. It always helps to have someone that has gone through what you are attempting to get to, show you the dos and don’ts of the business world.  He wants you to know that it is possible. This podcast really helps the community of entrepreneurs by bringing them together.

This podcast is a great way for upcoming entrepreneurs to get tips on marketing, hidden skills, development, and overall improve what they are already doing. This podcast can really help the world of entrepreneurs improve their business more. Feldman talks in one of his podcasts about personal development. He defines personal development as “the art of building my spirituality, mindset, courage, and all of the things that make me the best me.” Using your time to engage in something valuable will help you have that mindset in your work and life. Hearing Feldman talk about things like this is something you can use to better yourself and your business, it is helpful to any entrepreneur. It is really inspiring to be able to listen to how he is trying to bring the community of entrepreneurs together to help others succeed. Feldman tells his listeners things they should know before they would even think about them.

Learning the ways of entrepreneurship is not easy, it’s scary to put your ideas out there not knowing whether they will fail or be the one to have a breakthrough. What Feldman does is not only put your mind at ease and give you tips, he shows his and others that have bravely accomplished their mission and have completed the hike to the top. He gives you the motivation you need to not give up no matter how many times you will want to. This is not something that will be simple and take a day, it may take a while, but the result will be worth it. There are many podcasts you can listen to about the fascination of entrepreneurship, but Mentors Collection is new, fresh, and gives you so much to listen to and is a way to really connect with others.


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