Bollywood has for since a long time ago been experiencing a reasonableness complex and keeping in mind that its female stars were without a doubt tangled in the self-perception issues, the male leads don’t appear to be sheltered either.

During an ongoing meeting with Cinema Express, Nawazuddin Siddiqui admitted that he also had experienced gentle self-perception issues as in the past he applied reasonableness creams to turn his appearance more attractive.

“I also grew up applying these decency creams, anticipating extraordinary outcomes. Truth be told, I recall that once, I didn’t understand that the cream I was utilizing wasn’t Fair and Lovely, however some phony called Fare and Lovely. I invested a ton of energy attempting to make my skin more pleasant,” he said.

“In standard Bollywood film, is there any extremely dull entertainer, male or female? I had a feeling of inadequacy from the outset. However, I surmise the beneficial thing is, I understood that since I was unable to take care of my face, I would be better beginning focussing on my specialty.”

“I realized I was nothing when it went to my character or my looks. It removed at some point to originate from that injury, yet I’m happy I settled on that choice,” he finished up.


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