The Nobel prize dinner has been dropped without precedent for over 50 years as fears over the coronavirus spread proceed far and wide.

The occasion generally denotes the end of the Nobel Week, when the victors of the pined for prize are welcome to the Swedish capital Stockholm for talks and the honor service.

While the Nobel Prize champs for 2020 will be declared, the meal in any case, that draws around 1,300 visitors and consistently hung on December 10, won’t proceed.

The last time the feast was dropped was in 1956, in fight at the Soviet Union’s attack of Hungary. It was additionally dropped during World War One and Two.

The prizes for accomplishments in fields, for example, science, writing and harmony were made and supported in the desire of Swedish explosive innovator and businessperson Alfred Nobel and have been granted since 1901.

“There are two issues. You can’t suspect that numerous individuals close to one another. What’s more, it is questionable whether individuals can make a trip to Sweden to the degree they need,” Nobel Foundation Chairman Lars Heikensten told Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish paper.

All the declarations will be gushed live at this year.

Generally, the prize-champs join the Swedish illustrious family alongside around 1,300 visitors for the feast at Stockholm’s City Hall after the honor service – hung on December 10, the demise commemoration of the prizes’ originator Alfred Nobel. The declaration of the prizes (Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics) will at present be held as planned between October 5 and October 12, the Foundation was cited saying in an AFP report.


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