Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said a ‘green Pakistan’ ensures a prosperous future for coming ages and requested that the country hold submits accomplishing the objective of planting 10 billion trees to battle environmental change and natural contamination.

Talking at the dispatch of the current year’s storm tree ranch drive close Kahuta on Friday, Khan said that so as to address the developing contamination levels and national natural debasement it was crucial that purposeful endeavors were made to plant trees widely the nation over, reports Dawn news.

He lamented that timberland spread in the nation had quickly drained throughout the years.

The head additionally referenced the disturbing degree of contamination in Lahore and said that absence of trees represented a genuine danger to human wellbeing.

He said the issue would be tended to by his administration on a need premise.

Khan alluded to the ongoing declaration around nine new national parks in the nation and said the nation had 30 such stops since freedom in 1947.

He said the quantity of such selective zones, where the plants and trees could develop and untamed life prosper, would be additionally upgraded in days to come.

Khan said that his legislature had propelled an aspiring undertaking to plant 10 billion trees the nation over and in the previous two years, it had planted 30 million trees while new nurseries were working at maximum velocity to build the number to one billion by June one year from now.

“A green Pakistan is my fantasy,” Dawn news cited the Prime Minister as saying.

“It is my intrigue to you to plant a tree, and it is even more imperative to secure this seedling with the goal that it develops into a solid tree; it must be spared from wild creatures, yet in addition the mafia that bargains in lumber.”


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