The issue of Pakistani pilots having phony or questionable pilot licenses, as conceded by Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar, has taken a flat out U-turn after the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) pronounced that all licenses gave by it to the pilots are “veritable”.

The announcement gave by the CAA is an immediate logical inconsistency to the Minister’s charges, who said that in any event 40 percent of Pakistani pilots had counterfeit licenses.

The disclosure made by the CAA has put the Aviation Minister in high temp water as resistance groups have requested prompt acquiescence, alongside responsibility of the clergyman.

The resistance groups in the National Assembly and the Senate standing board of trustees confronted the Minister with genuine commotion.

“The Minister, through his bogus articulation had caused a day by day loss of Rs500 million to the Pakistani International Airline (PIA) and expulsion of around 200 pilots from different carriers and harmed the national notoriety at the universal level,” said Nafisa Shah, Member National Assembly (MNA) of the resistance the Pakistan People Party (PPP).

“Different avionics organizations of the world have just sent letters to us. Tomorrow, our air space can be given over to some other nation. This is treachery,” she stated, while requesting a prompt acquiescence of the Minister.

The issue was additionally raised at the Senate standing advisory group where resistance pioneers raised the issue, expressing that “it was an off-base move by the avionics serve which had harmed Pakistan’s notoriety”.

In any case, the Aviation Minister turned out with regards to his comments, expressing that he had proclaimed the licenses of the pilots as “questionable” and not “phony”.

“It may be harming for the nation in present moment yet for the future it was critical to show the world through activities that we are improving our frameworks,” he said.

The issue of phony licenses of Pakistani pilots pulled in worldwide consideration as worldwide goals, aircrafts and air security organizations had suspended approval of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

The issue carried worldwide shame to Pakistan and was pronounced as the greatest flying trick in the worldwide flying industry.

The Aviation Minister’s comments the incited European Union Air Safety Agency to suspend PIA authorisation to work to the EU part states for a half year, while the International Air Transport Association (IATA) likewise shared its anxiety over the genuine pass in the permitting and wellbeing oversight by the avionics controller.


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