President Donald Trump on Monday said that the United States has the greatest COVID-19 testing program on the planet, better than enormous nations like Russia, China, India and Brazil.

Trump at the White House roundtable stated, “We have one of the most reduced death rates anyplace”.

In excess of 34 lakh Americans have tried positive for COVID-19 up until now and more than 1,37,000 have kicked the bucket because of the infection, the two of which are the biggest numbers among all the nations.

“We test more than anyone by a wide margin. What’s more, when you test, you make cases. So we have made cases. I can reveal to you that a few nations, they test when someone strolls into a medical clinic wiped out or strolls into perhaps a specialist’s office, yet generally an emergency clinic. That is the trying they do, so they don’t have cases, while we have every one of these cases. Along these lines, it is a twofold edged blade”, the President further included.

Simultaneously, the United States has the most reduced death rate or pretty much the least death rate because of the malady on the planet, Trump noted.

A month ago, Trump said that the US is doing great in “such a large number of ways”.

“You see what’s new with NASDAQ. We simply broke another record yesterday. Some uplifting news came out of the Federal Reserve today, I think some excellent news,” the US head included.

“Be that as it may, we have the best and unquestionably, by a wide margin, the greatest testing program anyplace on the planet. On the off chance that you tried China or Russia or any of the bigger nations, on the off chance that you simply tried India, for instance, the manner in which we test, you would see numbers that would be astonishing. Brazil as well. You know, Brazil is experiencing a major issue, yet they don’t do testing as we do,” Trump said.

The worldwide pandemic, which Trump faults on Beijing, has strengthened effectively solid strains between the two nations over a progressing exchange war.

The economic alliance with China that was marked early this year stays unblemished, the president said. “It is unblemished, they (China) are purchasing. Regardless of whether they purchase or not, that is up to them. They are purchasing,” he said.

Prior, specialists cautioned that any potential “second wave” of infection cases could be aggravated in the harvest time and winter, when the average American influenza is increasingly widespread.

With an end goal to address that disparity, Giroir reported the dispatch of a $40 million activity to battle COVID-19 among ethnic minorities and other defenseless networks.

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