Shanghai: Kazakhstan excused as off base on Friday a notice by China’s international safe haven for its residents to make preparations for an episode of pneumonia in the focal Asian country that it depicted as being more deadly than the coronavirus.

In an announcement late on Thursday on its authority WeChat account, the Chinese international safe haven hailed a “critical increment” in cases in the Kazakh urban areas of Atyrau, Aktobe and Shymkent since mid-June.

On Friday, be that as it may, Kazakhstan’s human services service marked Chinese media reports dependent on the international safe haven articulation as “phony news”.

The service said its counts of bacterial, parasitic and viral pneumonia diseases, which additionally included instances of indistinct causes, were in accordance with World Health Organization rules.

“The data distributed by some Chinese media with respect to another sort of pneumonia in Kazakhstan is wrong,” the service said.

Kazakhstan, which forced a second lockdown this week to get control over the pandemic, has a count of very nearly 55,000 COVID-19 diseases, including 264 passings. The quantity of new cases rose on Thursday to an every day record of 1,962.

On Tuesday, state news organization Kazinform said the quantity of pneumonia cases “expanded 2.2 occasions in June when contrasted with a similar time of 2019”.

In its announcement, the Chinese international safe haven had said pneumonia in Kazakhstan executed 1,772 individuals in the year’s first half, with 628 passings in June, including Chinese residents.

“The death pace of the infection is a lot higher than that of pneumonia brought about by the novel coronavirus,” it said.

It is indistinct whether the penumonia it alluded to was brought about by an infection identified with coronavirus or an alternate strain.

Kazakhstan’s wellbeing service and other wellbeing establishments were completing a “relative examination”, however no ends had at this point been made, the international safe haven included.

The Global Times newspaper run by China’s People’s Daily has said Kazakhstan’s outside service “didn’t react to inquiries concerning the Chinese international safe haven’s admonition”.


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