Top Pakistani researcher Dr Atta-ur-Rahman said Thursday analysts in the nation were checking the structure of the novel coronavirus genome as a major aspect of the ‘100 genome venture’, with tests taken from various patients.

Dr Rahman, who additionally seats Prime Minister Imran Khan’s team on science and innovation, told the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) that “researchers and scientists at Jamilur Rahman Center for Genome Research, Karachi, have secluded the coronavirus and found changes in its structure at eight places when contrasted with the first infection found in China.”

Dr Rahman said the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) expected to take crisis measures to favor clinical preliminaries for a universally perceived COVID-19 antibody.

“An application for directing clinical preliminaries of this immunization delivered by a very much acclaimed global organization was submitted to DRAP for endorsement. The clinical preliminaries of that immunization have been done universally.

“We were in contact with a few universal organizations for antibody creation after which one organization consented to direct clinical preliminaries of their immunization in Pakistan,” he said.


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