Previous Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi as of late made a strong case about their cricket crew’s no holds barred record against India.

Afridi said that Pakistan’s record against their neighbors and most despised opponents was excellent to the point that their partners would request absolution after the match finished.

“I have consistently delighted in India. We’ve beaten them fairly, actually adequately. I accept we’ve beaten them so much that they used to approach us for pardoning after the match,” Afridi said on Cric Cast appear on YouTube.

“I have delighted in a great deal playing against India and Australia, you have more weight. They are acceptable groups, huge groups. Proceeding to act in their conditions is the large thing.”

Curiously since Afridi’s presentation, India have played a sum of 105 worldwide matches against Pakistan (15 Tests, 82 ODIs, 8 T20Is). India’s no holds barred record in that time is unrivaled at 51-47, with 5 matches finishing in a draw and 2 matches having no outcome.

Afridi additionally talked about his preferred thump against India, saying that it was the 141 he scored in the Chennai Test in 1999. What made that thump much better was that he shouldn’t be in the crew for that visit.

“My most noteworthy inning was the 141 against India, that too in India. I was not going on that trip; they were not taking me. Wasim bhai and the central selector that time bolstered me a great deal. It was a troublesome visit and that inning was significant.”

Afridi further expressed that he never felt apprehensive while playing universal cricket, in any event, when it was against India.

“Global cricket isn’t for chicken-hearted players. You should be intellectually extremely solid since you have to take choices there and perform on that stage. Individuals’ desires are extremely high. Fans need you to perform.”


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