Top US intelligence authorities advised on Thursday informed US Congress on supposed Russia offered grants to the Taliban aggressors for assaults on American and alliance powers in Afghanistan.

CIA Director Gina Haspel and National Security Agency Director Paul Nakasone met with individuals from the key US Congress individuals to inform them straightforwardly concerning the report.

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and various different Republicans were advised behind the shut entryways.

In the interim, the US House of Representatives asked the legislature to force sanctions against Russia, while others don’t put stock in the Trump organization’s extreme position on Russia.

“We expect the President of the United States to give them that equivalent power assurance, that equivalent need, and we are disillusioned that has not occurred. Whatever else occurs of this, we should reestablish those authorizations, and we should follow up on them,” said Pelosi.

Prior, the Taliban and Russia denied the report, yet a Russian foreign service representative said it had just helped the real legislature of Afghanistan.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova stated: “Russia provided arms just to the real legislature of Afghanistan, which is a verifiable truth. In the event that our US associates need to have a discussion in this specific circumstance, it is fitting to review the data coursing in Afghanistan in regards to the US uncommon administrations’ help for ISIS with the utilization of helicopters, which we secured broadly at our briefings one to two years back, and protecting them from Taliban assaults.”

US authorities have not yet remarked on Russia’s charges.

In any case, US powers in Afghanistan and Afghan authorities have recently denied the claims, saying they are focused on smothering ISIS and that the gathering has been subdued in numerous pieces of Afghanistan and will keep on battling them.

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