Islamabad, Jul 3. The foreign minister of Pakistan declared on Friday he has tried positive for Covid-19, turning into the most recent lawmaker to get tainted by the exceptionally infectious coronavirus in the nation.

“I have now tested positive for Covid-19. By the finesse of Allah, I feel solid and vivacious. I will keep on carrying on my obligations from home. It would be ideal if you keep me in your supplications,” Shah Mahmood Qureshi said in a tweet.

In the majority of the video cuts and photographs gave by his office as of late, Qureshi can be seen without a cover during gatherings and authority social events.

In excess of 221,895 individuals have tried positive for the novel coronavirus the nation over and 4,551 have kicked the bucket since the main case was accounted for on Feb.26.

A few political pioneers in the nation have gotten the infection up until now, remembering resistance pioneer for the lower place of the parliament and PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif, National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser, Railway Minister Sheik Rashid, Sindh territory Governor Imran Ismail. Every one of them have recouped.

The nation has been seeing a drop in the quantity of cases just as in passings over the previous week.

The quantity of Covid-19 cases tumbled to 4,087 on Friday from the record high of 6,895 on Jun.13. The quantity of passings boiled down to 78 from a record high of 153 on Jun.19.

In any case, the normal number of tests directed every day has additionally dropped from about 30,000 to 22,941 over the most recent couple of weeks.

Head of the inside made to direct coronavirus circumstance, Asad Umar, said in a question and answer session that while the nation’s general coronavirus circumstance was showing signs of improvement, there was a huge absence of progress in Sindh, especially in the nation’s greatest city and money related center point, Karachi.

“I had before cautioned that our cases could arrive at 1.2 million by July end on the off chance that we don’t make a move or follow preventive measures. But since individuals are following careful steps and the organization is additionally making a move this number might be under 400,000,” Umar said.

Additionally, he cautioned the individuals against allowing their watchman to guard, saying that not following preventive measures could make the quantity of cases rise once more.

“Try not to interpret this as meaning that the pandemic is disappearing all alone and you can do anything you desire,” he underlined. EFE-EPA


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