US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday cautioned the Taliban against assaults on Americans, in the midst of shock over supposed Russian bounties to target US troops, as per the State Department.

On Monday, in a telephonic discussion with Taliban arbitrator Mullah Baradar, Pompeo “clarified the desire for the Taliban to satisfy their duties, which incorporate not assaulting Americans”, the announcement further said.

As per the US authorities, the Taliban has complied with terms not to assault the US-drove alliance.

Be that as it may, it has kept up brutality against Afghan government powers, throwing a cover over endeavors to begin talks between the different sides on a harmony settlement.

The US-Taliban bargain marked in Qatar on February 29 requires the arrival of up to 5,000 Taliban detainees to open the route for intra-Afghan dealings.

Prior, the Taliban gave a record of the call, saying that Baradar revealed to Pompeo that the guerrillas “don’t permit anybody to utilize Afghan soil against the US and different nations.”

It was not satisfactory which Russian-connected gathering or element was making the offer, if the Taliban had acknowledged or whether the bounties were connected to any assaults on US troops, as per the source.

Washington has been shaken by reports, at first in The New York Times, that Trump was informed over US knowledge that a Russian government operative unit had offered compensations to Taliban-connected aggressors to kill US troops.

A Pentagon representative declined to remark on whether the White House had gotten knowledge about the likely Russian bounties in mid 2019.


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