Pakistan on Wednesday incidentally obstructed the tremendously mainstream web based game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in the wake of accepting grievances it was addictive and following media reports connecting the fierce, multiplayer shoot them up to self destruction.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said it had gotten “various” protests from individuals saying the game has a “genuine negative effect on (the) physical and mental wellbeing of the youngsters” who play it.

The PTA said it had suspended web access to the game pending a high court hearing on July 9.

Pakistan’s Dawn paper a month ago detailed that police in Lahore had suggested a boycott after a teenaged player killed himself.

The paper said police accept the 16-year-old kid ended it all after he neglected to achieve a strategic.

Frequently compared to the blockbuster book and film arrangement “The Hunger Games”, PUBG sets marooned characters in opposition to each another in a virtual battle until the very end, and has gotten one of the world’s most well known versatile games.

Pakistan’s move follows comparative bans in Jordan, Iraq, Nepal, the Indian territory of Gujarat and the Indonesian region of Aceh.


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