Kangana Ranaut made a video requesting total restriction on Chinese merchandise. She said that it was minimal we as Indians could do to demonstrate some regard to the saints in Ladakh during Indo-China conflict.

Refering to a case of somebody attempting to cut our fingers, Kangana Ranaut said that China has given us torment after its assault on Ladakh. She reminded about the 20 martyred troopers. Calling Ladakh ‘India’s palm’, Kangana asked individuals to put a total prohibition on Chinese items. She considered it our obligation to boycott the products as a tribute to the saints.

Kangana then made a vow to be ‘atmanirbhar’ and said that there would be a finished blacklist of Chinese merchandise. She asked individuals to partake in the war and help India win.

Kangana’s group shared the video expressing, “#KanganaRanaut censures the fierce Chinese assault on the Indian Army in Ladakh and calls the country to not overlook the penance of our saints and treat this as an assault on country. To respect the incomparable penance of our bravehearts and to show China a lesson,it’s time.”

Since the time the lockdown, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had encouraged Indians to advance ‘Make In India’ and purchase just Indian merchandise. Kangana Ranaut is the most recent to spread the message through her video.


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