PML-N senior pioneer Khawaja Asif on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Imran Khan over his discourse in the National Assembly in which the chief alluded to killed Al Qaeda pioneer Osama container Laden as “martyred”.

“Imran Khan called Osama container Laden shaheed. Container Laden carried psychological warfare to our territories, he was a fear monger totally and he [premier] calls him shaheed?” said Asif during the National Assembly meeting.

Prior today, Prime Minister Imran conveyed a widely inclusive discourse in the parliament.

Talking about the nation’s relations with the United States, he said Pakistan needed to confront a great deal of “embarrassment” in spite of supporting Washington in the ‘war on fear’ and was then accused for the US’s disappointments in Afghanistan.

Reviewing an occurrence that he said caused “shame” to Pakistan, the chief stated: “The Americans came to Abbottabad and executed, martyred Osama receptacle Laden. When occurred after that? The whole world reviled at us and criticized us.”

Following the head administrator’s discourse, Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, the representative for Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari, additionally discharged an announcement in which he called Imran a “national security danger”.

“By naming Osama container Laden a saint, Imran Khan has become a national security danger. In the event that he is a saint, at that point what is the status of those regular folks and individuals from our military who grasped suffering in the assaults by Al Qaeda?

“A huge number of regular people and youth were martyred in assaults by Al Qaeda,” he said.

Khokhar additionally scrutinized the exercise the head administrator was attempting to show the more youthful age.

“Today Imran Khan has demonstrated himself to be ‘Taliban Khan’ in parliament. The Imran Khan-Taliban nexus was obvious from the gatherings between the two.”

This is a similar individual who had required the Taliban to open their workplaces in Pakistan, he said.

Osama canister Laden was murdered by US extraordinary powers who attacked his compound in Pakistan in 2011.

PM Imran during his excursion to the United States a year ago had said that Pakistan’s fundamental covert operative office gave the US a lead that helped them find and take out Osama container Laden.

The PM additionally said that he never felt more mortified than he did on May 2, 2011 when American commandos took him out without advising Pakistan.

“Never did I feel more mortified than I did when OBL was taken out in Pakistan,” he said in his discourse at the US Institute of Peace (USIP) in Washington. “Here was a nation which was a partner, which didn’t confide in us [enough to tell about the raid]. We would prefer not to be mortified like this once more.”

Asad Durrani, a previous Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence boss, had additionally told Al Jazeera in 2015 that the ISI most likely knew where Osama receptacle Laden was stowing away and had imparted this data to the Americans before the Abbottabad strike. Be that as it may, this was the primary such affirmation by a Pakistani ruler.


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