In any event 17 troopers were killed and a few others injured after Taliban activists assaulted military camps in two Afghan northern regions early Wednesday, sources said.

In northern Kunduz area, five Afghan armed force troopers were executed and six others injured when conflicts happened in Talawka, a territory, 15 km north of the commonplace capital Kunduz city along a street connecting the city to flanking town of Shir Khan.

“The Taliban radicals were constrained back from the site after almost two hours of battling. Four activists were likewise executed,” Abdul Qadir from armed force’s 217 Pamir Corps told Xinhua.

The most recent conflicts came as militancy and counter-militancy customarily gets force in spring and summer regularly known as battling season in Afghanistan.

On June 12, at any rate four individuals were executed and a few others harmed as a bomb impact tore through a mosque in Kabul.

Recently, a notable imam and an admirer were killed and two others harmed in a petition time besieging at a mainstream mosque in Kabul’s invigorated Green Zone.

A month ago, at any rate seven police officers were killed and three others harmed in a Taliban assault in Afghanistan’s Farah territory, the primary significant occurrence following a three-day truce finished.

In July 2019, a senior PPS official Gen. Abdul Ghaffar kicked the bucket days in the wake of being harmed in a side of the road mine blast in Kabul’s Qala-e-Zaman Khan neighborhood.


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