“All India needs to do is include Pakistan dialing code before the supposed coded message appended with the pigeon and they can converse with me.”

This is 42-year-old Habibullah who is an occupant of a town in Narowal, 4km from the Working Boundary among India and Pakistan in Sialkot part. He guarantees that the “Pakistani government operative” kept by Indian powers is his pet female pigeon.

Requesting an expression of remorse from the Indian government and Indian media, he stated, “Neither anybody from India nor from Pakistan has reached me over this covert agent column. On the off chance that we can return Indian pilot, India can likewise restore my pigeon with deference.”

As indicated by Times of India, the pigeon was found by a lady inhabitant of Kathua area.

It cited Kathua Police senior administrator Shailendra Kumar Mishra saying, “We don’t know from where it came. Local people caught it close to our wall. We have discovered a ring in its foot on which a few numbers are composed. Further examination is in progress.

Habibullah revealed to The Independent the name of the kept pigeon of the year-old high contrast female pigeon is Golden Madi. She has pink has been splashed on her, he said. She has a wristband around her foot on which his contact number is recorded.

Habibullah is an inhabitant of Bugga Village in Narowal. He stated, “On Eid day, I let around 12 pigeons, including Golden Madi, fly. All pigeons returned with the exception of Golden Madi.” He added that later he came to news that his pigeon has been captured by Indian powers.

“I have right around 250 pigeons and have been saving pigeons throughout the previous 30 years or somewhere in the vicinity. I simply need my Golden Madi back with the goal that she can take part in pigeon rivalry because of happen on Thursday.”

Discussing the opposition he said that the opposition happens two times per year and the victor is the one whose pigeon flies the longest time. “We have been preparing the pigeons throughout the previous one month. I was so certain about winning this opposition and prize cash with Golden Madi flying.”

Habibullah said the pigeon’s variety can fly for 12 to 13 hours at a stretch.

Disclosing the code connected to the flying creature’s foot that Indian authorities are examining, he said proprietors append contact numbers to pigeons’ feet with the goal that individuals could bring them back.

“Brilliant Madi likewise have a ring appended to her foot with my contact number engraved on it. Every single Indian power need to do is include dialing code 0092 preceding the number and they can find out that she is my pet and not a government agent.”

This isn’t the first occasion when that a pigeon has been named a “spy” and kept. In 2015, a pigeon was captured in Manwal town of India. The pigeon was stepped with “Tehsil Shakargarh, region Narowal”. Shakargarh is a similar spot where pigeon flying rivalry happens two times per year and in which Habibullah additionally needed Golden Madi to take an interest.


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