Attari (Punjab) [India], May 27 (ANI): As numerous as 179 Pakistan nationals, who were abandoned in India due to COVID-19 lockdown, were repatriated through Attari-Wagah verge on Wednesday.

“I came here (to India) a quarter of a year back to my sister’s living arrangement. Afterward, lockdown was reported and we were abandoned here. Presently we are returning to Pakistan and thank the Indian government. Individuals of India, who are abandoned in Pakistan, ought to likewise be permitted to return here,” said a pakistani national who came to India with his better half and little girl.

His better half stated, “We arrived at India on February 26 and came here for 45 days. We are glad to return to Pakistan now. I came to India alongside my better half and my girl.”

Another Pakistani national, who came to India on March 8 stated, “I was abandoned in India because of lockdown. I need to thank the legislatures of India and Pakistan for getting me out. Presently I am extremely glad that I will get the chance to see my relatives after quite a while.”

A lady, who came to meet her sister in Delhi, said that lockdown was forced 10 days after she came to India.

“I had come here for 15 days in particular, yet now it’s been around a quarter of a year now. Presently, I am glad to return to Pakistan. I thank the Prime Ministers of the two nations.”

At first, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared a 21-day across the country lockdown on March 24 as a prudent step to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The fourth period of the lockdown is scheduled to end on May 30 (Sunday). (ANI)


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