Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday reprimanded an expelled Florida official who scrutinized the state’s coronavirus information. Rebekah Jones, who dealt with Florida’s COVID-19 server farm for the Florida Department of Health, guaranteed she was terminated for declining to physically adjust information to make support for the Sunshine State’s reviving arrangement. In any case, the senator’s office has denied that, keeping up Jones was terminated for rebellion and troublesome conduct.

Remaining close to Vice President Mike Pence, who was in Florida to feature the state’s reviving, DeSantis censured Jones before journalists.

“One, she’s not an information researcher. She is someone that is got a degree in reporting, correspondence and topography,” DeSantis said in Orlando. “She isn’t associated with grouping any information, she doesn’t have the skill to do that. She isn’t a disease transmission specialist. She isn’t the main draftsman of our web-based interface, that is another bogus proclamation. What’s more, what she was doing was she was putting information on the entry which the researchers didn’t accept was substantial information. So she didn’t tune in to the individuals who were her bosses, she had numerous individuals over her in the hierarchy of leadership. So she was excused therefore and in light of a lot of various reasons about how she did.”

Messages got by the Tampa Bay Times show that one day before she lost her position keeping up coronavirus information, Jones questioned an expulsion of records demonstrating individuals had positive tests or side effects before cases were declared.

Jones disclosed to CBS12 News that her flight was “not deliberate,” and said she was evacuated in light of the fact that she was made to control a few information, however declined to “physically switch information to find support for the arrangement to revive.”

On Wednesday, DeSantis said the state’s information is “straightforward,” and highlighted commendation of his state’s information from Coronavirus Task Force part Dr. Deborah Birx.

“Our information is accessible, our information is straightforward, in reality Dr. Birx has talked on different occasions about how Florida has the most flawlessly awesome information,” the senator said.


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