President Trump asserted the FBI archive enumerating its meeting with Michael Flynn, his previous national security counsel, is absent.

“Where is the 302?” the president asked late Thursday in a tweet, alluding to the FBI’s structure used to sum up its meetings with witnesses. “It is absent. Was it taken or devastated?”

A week ago, Rep. Devin Nunes, a Trump partner and the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, disclosed to Fox Business stay Maria Bartiromo that the FBI’s unique 302 meeting outline “is as yet absent.”

The California Republican said top FBI authorities and different sources told officials away from public scrutiny that the department didn’t trust Flynn lied when met by two operators on Jan. 24, 2017. Nunes said he was stunned to learn later about breaks to the media saying Flynn was “being busted” for lying about his contacts with a Russian agent during the presidential change time frame.

Flynn, who coordinated in exceptional advice Robert Mueller’s examination, confessed to deceiving the FBI about his discussions with a Russian representative. He later proclaimed his guiltlessness and contended he was set up by the FBI.

“At that point that implies that the FBI had misled us,” Nunes said. “The first report that was utilized to brief the United States Congress, that report is absent. It’s gone. Poof. We can’t discover it.”

Before the end of last year, Flynn’s legal counselors asserted FBI specialists doctored the 302, however government investigators denied that the notes had been changed in any critical manner.

The Justice Department documented to excuse charges against Flynn. The adjudicator directing the case welcomed outside feelings on Tuesday and named a resigned judge on Wednesday to contend whether Flynn ought to be held in scorn for prevarication.

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