Twitter has told representatives they can continue telecommuting perpetually on the off chance that they wish.

In an announcement, the organization said it was “one of the principal organizations to go to a WFH model even with COVID-19, yet [doesn’t] envision being one of the first to come back to workplaces.”

The organization said if representatives are in a job and circumstance that empowers them to telecommute and they need to keep doing so everlastingly, at that point “we will get that going.”

“If not, our workplaces will be their warm and inviting selves, with some extra safety measures, when we have a sense of security to restore,” the announcement peruses.

The organization said with not very many exemptions, workplaces won’t open before September. It added when workplaces to open it will be “cautious, deliberate, office by office and steady.” It said there will likewise be no business travel before September “with not many special cases” and no in-person organization occasions for the remainder of 2020.

“We’re glad for the early move we made to ensure the soundness of our workers and our networks. That will remain our top need as we work through the questions of the coming months,” it said.

The organization’s acknowledgment of a for the most part remote workforce originates before the coronavirus pandemic. On the organization’s Q4 2019 profit bring in February, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey grasped the possibility of remote work while communicating disappointment with Twitter’s grouping of representatives in San Francisco.

“Our fixation in San Francisco isn’t serving us any more, and we will endeavor to be an unmistakably progressively appropriated workforce, which we will use to improve our execution,” he said at that point.

Other tech goliaths have refreshed their representatives on telecommute measures for a long time to come, as specialists anticipate that remote work should turn out to be significantly more typical after the pandemic, with business travel rarer.

Facebook said a week ago that the greater part of the organization’s representatives will be permitted to keep on telecommuting through the finish of 2020, while Google-parent Alphabet said representatives can expect a “stunned” and “gradual” come back to the workplace beginning in June, yet that a few workers would likely be telecommuting for whatever length of time that the remainder of the year.


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