In the wake of revealing his sweetheart missing, a North Carolina man was accused of killing her, as per an announcement got by PEOPLE.

Delegates from the Surry County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a Mount Airy, North Carolina, home on Wednesday, to explore a missing individual’s protest purportedly documented by Brandon Shaw, 35.

Shaw supposedly told police that his better half, Sierra Kathleen Henderson Ashburn, 28, disappeared that equivalent morning.

“As per Mr. Shaw, Ms. Ashburn and Mr. Shaw had been dwelling together,” peruses the announcement. “At the point when analysts showed up on the scene, they talked with Mr. Shaw, who gave insights concerning Ms. Ashburn. This data drove criminologists to Ms. Ashburn’s body, which had been covered on the property.”

Shaw has been accused of first-degree murder and is being held without bond.

“This occurrence seems to originate from an evident household contention between Ms. Ashburn and Mr. Shaw,” the announcement clarifies. “This examination stays progressing with nonstop law requirement nearness at the scene, and no extra data will be discharged as of now.”

It was indistinct Friday if Shaw had a lawyer, or showed up under the watchful eye of an appointed authority to enter a request to the charge against him.

“She resembled one of my own youngsters,” said Cari Williams. “She was a piece of the family. She was astonishing, giving, and a caring individual. I’m stunned somebody could do this. She was the best individual and an extraordinary mother.”

Her companion Micah Pridgen stated: “I’m crushed and stunned, she resembled a younger sibling to me. I feel the most for her child, who currently needs to grow up without a mother. She was the most amicable individual you could ever meet.”

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