The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said Wednesday that 500 representatives who work in U.S. air terminals have tried positive for COVID-19, the sickness brought about by the novel coronavirus.

Of the laborers who have tried positive for the respiratory sickness, 208 have encountered a full recuperation and four have kicked the bucket. The figures don’t represent TSA workers who have restricted association with the general population.

The majority of the affirmed COVID-19 cases incorporate staff utilized at air terminals in the New York metropolitan zone, as indicated by information gave by the organization. At John F. Kennedy International air terminal, 105 representatives have tried positive for the infection, while 56 specialists at Newark Liberty International have gotten the malady.

Thirty-two TSA representatives at the LaGuardia Airport have additionally tried positive for the infection. Outside of New York, the most elevated number of affirmed cases among TSA staff is at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International air terminal, where 27 TSA laborers have tried positive.

TSA has made various alterations at air terminal screening territories in the midst of the episode, including normal cleaning and sanitizing its offices. The office said that it is additionally giving N95 respirator veils and eye insurance to workers.

TSA didn’t quickly react to a solicitation for input on the most recent disease information from The Hill.

The episode of the novel coronavirus overturned air travel the world over, prompting a sensational decrease in household and universal flights. Air terminals keep on working at diminished limit.


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