San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D) said Friday that her city’s requests for individual security gear (PPE) have been occupied to different U.S. urban areas and outside nations.

“We’ve had issues of our requests being migrated by our providers in China,” she said at a question and answer session. “For instance, we had detachment outfits on their approach to San Francisco and they were redirected to France. We’ve had circumstances when things we’ve requested that have experienced Customs were reallocated by FEMA to be redirected to different areas.

“We realize everybody is managing a genuine test,” she proceeded. “Through Customs, we’ve had circumstances where those things have been taken and put out available for the most noteworthy bidder, setting urban communities against urban communities and states against states.”

Breed said San Francisco has bought 15 million bits of PPE and got different apparatuses from the government yet at the same time doesn’t have the gear important to enough battle the coronavirus flare-up in the city.

“We needed to ensure as you find out about a portion of these difficulties, you’re mindful of why they are difficulties,” she said. “I realize it appears just as it ought to be significantly less complex: We have the cash to buy the PPE, for what reason wouldn’t we be able to buy the PPE?”

Breed’s comments come as states scramble, and at times contend, for PPE from the national government and different sources. The civic chairman said the way that states are as yet deficient with regards to hardware so profound into the episode “knocks my socks off.”

The accessibility of PPE has prompted a torrential slide of analysis from city hall leaders and governors the nation over who state the central government needs to make a superior showing of making hardware available.

“You can’t have the states going up against the states, and afterward incidentally, when the national government goes out to purchase a similar gear for their store, presently it’s 50 states contending with the states and the central government going up against the states,” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D), whose state is the focal point of the U.S. pandemic, said not long ago. “This isn’t the best approach to work together.”


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