China has sent a group of specialists to North Korea to help decide Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un’s wellbeing status, Reuters gave an account of Friday. Hong Kong Satellite Television announced that Kim was dead, however there has been no affirmation from U.S. sources now.

“While the US keeps on observing reports encompassing the strength of the North Korean Supreme Leader, as of now, there is no affirmation from legitimate channels that Kim Jong-un is perished,” a senior Pentagon official not approved to talk on the record told Newsweek. “North Korean military availability stays inside authentic standards and there is no additional proof to propose a critical change in protective posing or national level authority changes.”

On Monday, bits of gossip spread that the North Korean pioneer was in sick wellbeing in the wake of experiencing heart medical procedure on April 12. His keep going open appearance was on April 11, at a politburo meeting. These gossipy tidbits were hence limited by U.S. knowledge, who announced they had no motivation to feel that Kim had endured any sort of genuine sickness. So also, at that point, South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency refered to an administration official who said there was the same old thing originating from North Korea that could propose Kim was sick.

Should the reports of Kim’s passing demonstrate exact, there are various inquiries over who might be his replacement. Many feel that his more youthful sister Kim Yo Jong, answered to be 31 and one of Kim’s key lieutenants, would assume control over the job of Supreme Leader.

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