Previous Vice President Joe Biden anticipated that President Trump will attempt to postpone the 2020 presidential political race.

Biden, while talking at a virtual pledge drive on Thursday evening, said the president would attempt to delay the political race since “that is the main way he wants to perhaps win.”

“Imprint my words: I think he is going to attempt to kick back the political decision by one way or another; concoct some reason why it can’t be held,” Biden said. “Envision undermining not to support the mail station. Presently, what in God’s name is that about? Other than attempting to let the word out that he will do everything he can to make it difficult for individuals to cast a ballot. That is the main way he wants to perhaps win.”

The coronavirus pandemic has started a discussion over mail-in casting a ballot and truant polling forms as states are requesting individuals not to leave their home and primaries are dropped.

Just Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Utah direct their decisions altogether via mail. The greater part of states permit voters to take an interest in decisions by means of truant voting forms without requiring a clarification.

Trump has communicated worry about enormous scope mail-in casting a ballot, contending it has “colossal potential for voter misrepresentation, and out of the blue, doesn’t turn out well for Republicans.”

Biden later guaranteed, “You can be guaranteed, among [Trump] and the Russians, there will be an endeavor to meddle.”

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