STRATFORD, Wis. (WSAW) – Stratford Police Chief Tim Miller is joining the race for the Wisconsin State Assembly.

In an announcement, Miller says he will run as a Republican for the 69th Assembly District, which incorporates Stratford, Colby, Neillsville and the eastern piece of Marshfield. Officeholder Rep. Sway Kulp has said he won’t run for re-appointment this fall.

In declaring his battle, Miller touts his 27 years of law requirement experience and acclaims the locale as being “network arranged.” Late Monday, Miller propelled a site and Facebook page to advance the crusade.

Here is the full content of the declaration:

“Tim Miller, multi year law requirement veteran, declares his office for the Wisconsin 69th Assembly District. Mill operator will run as a Republican.

Mill operator expressed, ‘When I initially heard that Bob Kulp was not going to run for re-appointment, I contemplated the loss of his portrayal to the 69th District. I realized numerous individuals admired him and esteemed his locale administration. Sway had filled in as the keynote speaker when Stratford facilitated the Marathon County Law Enforcement Memorial administration. He worked superbly and I was regarded to have him there. I additionally met with Bob at the state legislative center to talk with him about network and law requirement issues. Weave, thank-you for your administration and continually being happy to tune in!’

Mill operator started his law requirement profession as a covert opiates examiner. He held a wide range of positions all through his profession including Field Training Officer, School Resource Officer and Detective. Mill operator is as of now filling in as Stratford’s Chief of Police. As a watch official, Miller valued being network orientated. ‘I found the most ideal approach to serve my locale was to tune in to the individuals that I serve. I tuned in to their expectations and concerns and attempted to be an issue solver for them. I stressed this equivalent way of thinking to the entirety of the officials I have prepared throughout the years. My quality as a decent audience and issue solver will be a significant resource for serve the individuals of the 69th Assembly District.’

Mill operator has been hitched to his significant other, Tirzah, for a long time. They as of now are bringing their 3 adolescents up in the Stratford territory. ‘We moved to the Stratford zone for the astounding schools and the enormous sentiment of network pride shared here. The 69th District in general is very network orientated. It’s an incredible spot to live, work and raise a family. I have likewise observed the difficulties that face our networks. My next period of network administration will be to search for arrangements at the state level. I anticipate meeting however many individuals as could be expected under the circumstances in the 69th District and I would be regarded to speak to every one of them in Madison!'”


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