Not exactly a day after President Trump referenced at a coronavirus press instructions that he got “a pleasant note” from North Korean pioneer Kim Jong Un, the remote nation denied any ongoing correspondence between the two.

The president offered the remarks during a press instructions on COVID-19 Saturday, where he included that the U.S. would have been at war with North Korea in the event that he had not been chosen.

“I got a pleasant note from him as of late. It was a decent note,” Trump said. “I believe we’re doing fine.”

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said in an announcement Sunday conveyed by state news source Korean Central News Agency there was no letter routed to Trump as of late by “the incomparable administration,” a reference to Kim.

“We can’t know without a doubt whether the U.S. president thought back about past correspondence, yet our initiative didn’t send any letter to the U.S. president as of late,” KCNA stated, as per South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

State media included it would “investigate the issue” regarding why U.S. administration discharged the “ungrounded” story into the media.

“The relations between the top chiefs of (North Korea) and the U.S. are not an issue to be taken up only for redirection nor it ought to be abused for meeting narrow minded purposes,” the announcement said.

In March, North Korea said Trump sent an individual letter to Kim offering participation against the coronavirus pandemic.

At that point, Kim’s sister and senior authority Kim Yo Jong said her sibling valued the letter during this season of “large troubles and challenges,” and said Trump disclosed his arrangement to “drive the relations between the two nations … also, communicated his plan to render participation in the counter scourge work.”

A senior Trump organization official said at the time that Trump sent a letter to Kim that was predictable with the president’s endeavors to draw in worldwide pioneers during the pandemic.

Kim and Trump have met multiple times and traded letters and emissaries on numerous events since 2018 when they started chats on North Korea’s atomic weapons program.

The atomic tact has made little progress since the breakdown of their second summit in Vietnam in mid 2019 when Trump rebuked Kim’s calls for clearing sanctions alleviation as a byproduct of a fractional denuclearization step.

On Saturday he said he has “a great relationship” with Kim” and that North Korea has been trying short-extend rockets for “quite a while.”

“We’re doing fine and dandy with North Korea. Fine and dandy,” the president said. “We’ll perceive how everything winds up.”

The Hermit Kingdom has over and again said there hasn’t been a solitary instance of COVID-19 on its dirt yet has executed social removing measures.

Questions likewise twirled over Kim after he was clearly missing from Hermit Kingdom’s most significant occasion, April 15, the birthday of the nation’s first tyrant, known as the “Day of the Sun.” While worries about coronavirus may have brought about calmer festivals this year, a few eyewitnesses noted Kim might need to feature his own fate as opposed to concentrating on the past.

As of Sunday morning, there were at any rate 2,355,676 positive instances of COVID-19 and at any rate 162,032 passings around the world, as per Johns Hopkins University.

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