One of Mia Farrow’s little girls has been hospitalized in the wake of getting the coronavirus.

Farrow, 75, uncovered in a tweet on Friday that Quincy, conceived Kaeli-Shea, went to the emergency clinic in the wake of getting sick. The Rosemary’s Baby on-screen character approached her fans and companions for their supplications.

“An individual solicitation. On the off chance that you would be so kind, would you please send up a supplication for my little girl Quincy,” Farrow tweeted. “Today she had no other option yet to go the emergency clinic for help in her battle against the coronavirus.”

Quincy, 26, was embraced by Farrow in 1994 when she was a year old, her more established sibling Ronan said in a 2013 Vanity Fair article.

At that point, Quincy was in school concentrating to be a guide laborer, as her mom told the magazine. She was initially named Kaeli-Shea however changed her name.

Quincy is hitched and has a youthful little girl named Coretta. Her mom every now and again shares previews of Quincy and her family on her Instagram account when they visit.

“Family day. Infant Coretta with her folks. My little girl Quincy and her better half Ethan,” Farrow inscribed one post.


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