The wife of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has been determined to have coronavirus fourteen days after he declared he was tainted.

“Cristina now has Covid. She is presently positive. Also, it just makes me extremely upset. It’s the one thing I was trusting wouldn’t occur. What’s more, presently it has.” he said on his show Cuomo Prime Time on Wednesday night.

He later tweeted that his youngsters are fine.

“Children are as yet solid however this shook us at our strict center,” he said. “All are venturing up. Can hardly wait to shake this fever so I can help her as she helped me. Sucks.”

Cuomo declared his coronavirus analysis fourteen days prior. He said he was feeling all around ok to work, and has kept on tying down his 9 p.m. program from his home

At that point, he said he was having fevers, chills and brevity of breath.

“I simply trust I didn’t offer it to the children and Cristina,” he tweeted on March 31. “That would exacerbate me feel than this disease!”

Cuomo said he has been in isolate in his storm cellar.

Notwithstanding Cuomo, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin additionally tried positive for coronavirus.

CNN has actualized far reaching developments in light of the pandemic. A dominant part of representatives have telecommuted for a little while and grapples are communicating from little studios and home workplaces.


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