The COVID-19 pandemic has ended significant games with expanding worries for whether the 2020 school football season will begin on schedule. As mentors and school executives keep on exploring their way through a phenomenal time, there is apparently talk about moving the up and coming season into 2021.

As indicated by The Athletic’s Bruce Feldman, one chance being talked about around the NCAA is playing the season in spring 2021. The thought, which has purportedly been discussed by mentors and overseers, would permit groups more opportunity to plan for a potential season.

The University of Oklahoma reported Friday that it is suspending face to face exercises through July 31. The choice comes when states all through the nation are broadening their stay-at-home requests with the COVID-19 pandemic compounding.

Oklahoma’s choice provides reason to feel ambiguous about further the school football season beginning on schedule. Mentors have said they would require two months to set up their players for the season. In the most ideal situation, the Sooners could simply begin rehearsing in August, and that would in any case require the college not further broadening its suspension of in-person exercises.

Regardless of whether the school football season could be moved to spring 2021, the results would almost certainly be destroying for universities the nation over. As one mentor referenced, per The Athletic, schools may need to chop down to simply football, b-ball and four ladies’ games because of budgetary limitations.


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