LONDON – Prime Minister Boris Johnson is cautioning Britons in a letter to 30 million family units that things will deteriorate before they show signs of improvement, as he himself self-confines in Downing Street to recuperate from the coronavirus.

England has announced 17,089 affirmed instances of the illness and 1,019 passings and the pinnacle of the plague in the nation is relied upon to arrive in half a month.

In the letter to be conveyed to homes, Johnson urges individuals to stay with the lockdown quantifies that his legislature has forced to attempt to forestall the state National Health Service from being overpowered by a flood of cases.

“We realize things will deteriorate before they show signs of improvement,” Johnson composes. “During this snapshot of national crisis, I ask you, if it’s not too much trouble to remain at home, secure the NHS and spare lives.”

Senior priest Michael Gove said on Sunday the administration is “worried” about the loss of life.

He likewise said the nation has helped the measure of testing for the infection.

“The quantity of tests being done has hit 10,000 per day. We need to build that to 25,000 per day.”


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