In an offer to spread mindfulness about the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, a nearby craftsman as a team with a police official here has made an extraordinary ‘Crown’ protective cap to prevent workers from turning out in the city during the across the nation lockdown.

Gowtham, the craftsman, who planned the protective cap told ANI here, “general society everywhere isn’t treating the COVID-19 circumstance genuinely, though, the police staff are working nonstop to guarantee individuals remain at home and don’t wander out with the goal that further spread of the infection can be halted”.

I concocted the thought and utilized a messed up head protector and papers to set up this. I have likewise arranged numerous notices showing trademarks and gave them over to the police,” he included.

The police staff, who are serving every minute of every day in the city, said that the head protector was ending up being valuable in making individuals mindful.


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