Other than the midway contracted players having their impact in the battle against COVID-19, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) staff individuals upto the position of ranking directors will likewise give their one day’s pay.

In the interim, PCB’s General Managers or more will give two days’ pay to the administration’s just-in-case account.

The nation’s cricket board, then again, has chosen to coordinate the commitment of its staff to the administration support.

Pondering the equivalent, PCB administrator Ehsan Mani said that the board has chosen to make a little commitment which will bolster the legislature in their battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Pakistan Cricket Board has consistently remained with the individuals of Pakistan in frantic occasions. This is one of the gravest, generally testing and phenomenal occasions, which our nearby and governments and wellbeing laborers are confronting with.While we keep on appealing to God for the prosperity and accomplishment of our wellbeing laborers so ordinariness comes back to our general public, we at the PCB are making a little commitment which will bolster the legislature in its undertakings against the COVID-19 pandemic,”the PCB official statement cited Mani as saying.


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